Who uses this feature

  • All Schedule Engine users

Learn how to use the Schedule Engine Knowledge Base and submit a support ticket through the Schedule Engine Dashboard.

Navigate the Knowledge Base

You can access the Schedule Engine Knowledge Base by clicking the Help button. 

When the Help pop-up opens, you can search for specific topics, as well as view suggested articles. 

To view a selected article full size in your browser, click the Pop Outbutton immediately following the article’s title. 

On any article, you can also click the topics and subtopics at the top of the page to see other related articles in the Knowledge Base.

Submit a support ticket

  1. Click the Submit a Ticket button in the Help pop-up to fill out and send a ticket to our Support team. 

  1. When the Submit a Ticket form opens, enter the following information:

  • Your name*

  • Email*

  • Subject*

  • Your Company Name

  • Type

  • Description*

* = Required 

  1. (Optional) You can select Take screenshot to capture a screenshot of your current screen or upload up to five attachments to provide additional information. 

  1. After completing the CAPTCHA, select Send. The ticket will go directly to our support queue. 

Note: If you don’t receive a confirmation email after submitting your ticket, you may need to check your spam folder or adjust your inbox’s security measures and filters to receive email from Schedule Engine. 

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