Our AI Chat Assistant has now launched into open beta. This first version of our AI Assistant keeps things simple. It will start the chat with a friendly message, gather the context of what they’re chatting about, then gather the customer’s name, phone number, and address. 

After it’s collected the lead information, it will pass the chat to one of our Live Services chat agents to finish the conversation. However, in the background of the AI Assistant, our agents are keeping an eye on the conversation just in case they need to step in earlier. Customers can also request to talk to a human instead by asking the AI Assistant or by pressing a “talk to an agent” button at the bottom of the chat screen.

Benefits of an AI Assistant

Even in this early stage of our AI exploration, we’re getting positive customer feedback on the overall experience, speed, and conversation quality. Even if our agents are busy in another chat, our AI Assistant will gather that critical lead information before the chat ends. As we expand the power and capabilities of our trade-specific AI Assistant, we expect to improve the customer experience even further with faster conversations, zero wait times, and all the knowledge of a CSR.

Activating our AI Assistant

You can opt into our new AI features by:

  1. Opening your Schedule Engine dashboard

  2. Navigating to the Communications section

  3. Finding the AI Assistant Beta page

  4. Clicking the toggle to turn it on

Once you have the AI toggled on, you can select a unique name for your AI Assistant and customize the intro message that customers will see at the top of every chat. If you’re not quite ready to dive into the AI future, you can always toggle it off again in your dashboard. Give it a try today!