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  • Schedule Engine administrators

Learn how to add a new user to the Schedule Engine Dashboard. You can add users who need to receive Live Voice after hours notifications, as well as users who will be managing the other tools available within the Dashboard.

Adding a new user includes creating credentials for the new user, adding them to Contacts, setting their notification preferences, and adding them to the schedule. 

Topics covered

Create credentials for a new user

You can create credentials for new on-call technicians, dispatchers, and managers, allowing them to access the Dashboard. 

  1. From Settings, select the Users tab.

  2. Click the Add (+) button.

  3. In the Add a user screen that opens, enter the following information about the user:

    • Name

    • Email 

    • Phone number (optional)

      • Tip: We suggest adding phone numbers for on-call technicians, dispatchers, and managers since they will usually log in with their phone.

    • Title

      • Admin: Has access to everything on the Dashboard. 

      • User: Has limited access on the Dashboard. 

  1. Select Save. You will see a confirmation that the user was added when you return to the Users screen. 

Add a new user to Contacts

After creating the new user’s credentials, you can add them to the Contacts list.

  1. From Escalation Settings, open the Contacts tab.

  2. Click the Add (+) button. 

  1. In the Add Contacts screen that opens, select the box next to the user you want to add to your contacts.

  1. Select Add. You will see a confirmation that the contact was added when you return to the Contacts screen and also see their name and number in the Contacts list. 

Select new user’s notification preferences

  1. On the Contacts screen, click the Edit icon next to the user’s information.

  1. Click Add Notification from the Notification Plan section. 

  1. On the Add Contact Escalation screen that opens, select the first preferred notification method, either Phone or Email and click Add

If the user is able to receive SMS (which you can specify on the Contacts screen when you select Edit), you instead see three options: Phone (Voice)Phone (SMS), and Email

  1. Select Add Notification again from the Notification Plan section.

  2. Choose the second preferred notification method from the Add Contact Escalation screen and select Add.

  3. When you return to the Notification Plan section, specify the amount of time after the first notification in which the second notification should be sent. 

  1. If you are assigning a job to a technician, go to the Related Technician dropdown on the Contacts page and match it to the name of the selected technician so that jobs can be assigned to them when they are on a schedule. 

If you are not assigning the notification plan to a technician, you can leave the Related Technician field empty.

You can also leave the Related Technician field empty for managers and dispatchers since they can assign the plan to a technician themselves. 

  1. Select Save.

Add a new user to a schedule

  1. After adding the new user to Contacts, from the Escalation Settings tab, select Schedules

  2. Click within one or more time slots on the schedule and then select Add contact to [#] shift

  1. In the Add Contacts screen that opens, select the box next to the technician you want to assign to the job. If you notice your newly added technician is not listed on the Add Contacts screen, refresh your browser and they should then appear. 

  1. Select Add. The selected technician now appears in the time slot you selected on the schedule. 

Tip: One of the most common scheduling errors occurs when you add a new technician without setting up their notification plan. If you don’t set up their notification plan, even if it is just one method of contact, you won’t be able to add them to a schedule.

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