Depending on the type of integration you have and services you are using, your specific usage of this Dashboard may vary. 

The Schedule Engine Dashboard is a free tool provided to you to manage everything Schedule Engine. Some of the most notable features, but not limited to:

  • View and manage the Jobs being booked from your Schedule Engine Services (Scheduler, Live Chat, Live Voice)
    • If you are using a 2 way integration, these jobs will be inserting into your Field Management Software
    • Depending on your integration, you may not need to visit this section often

  • View Call and Chat Summaries (if applicable)
    • These will show in a list view and can also be downloaded into a CSV format
    • Each record will included a brief summary of the interaction 
    • We use this list of Resolutions and Inquiries when we send our recap emails

  • Analytics - Who / When / How are my customers booking jobs?
    • Get a snap shot of how many bookings you receive per day, per job type and more!
    • If the button for this feature is not present on your dashboard, please reach out to support

  • Manage the availability Schedule Engine offers your customers


    • Adding users to the dashboard
      • Who will be able to access your Schedule Engine Dashboard
      • Who will receive notifications 
      • Who will be able to interact with SE Leads and Jobs
      • Users can be added by visiting:
        • Settings > Users > +Symbol
    • Manage Zones 
      • Which zip codes are we able to service for escalations?
      • Multiple Zones can be created to haver separate services depending on the customers area 
    • Manage On-Call / Escalation Schedules
      • Which technician is responsible for each day / time block
      • Which services are offered 
    • Manage Plans - what happens when an escalation occurs
      • Who do we contact?
      • How do we contact them?
      • How often do we contact them?
      • What method of escalation are we using? (notify, notify + book, notify + book + assign)

    For More information visit:

Zones & Schedules:


2 Way integrations - Important to note:

  • Since we are inserting jobs directly into Field Management Software, you will not need to action jobs in the dashboard, but it's still recommend to check it daily 
  • There are certain issues that can cause certain or all jobs to not sync from SE to your software
  • Most account edits outside of the items list above, will still require a support ticket

How to get to the dashboard: