What are Blocked Dates?

Blocked Dates operate differently from Buffers, in that they allow you to define an exact window of time to be blocked rather than a rolling window. Great for blocking off annual Holidays, monthly training, company meetings, snow days, or any other event where you want to prevent customers from booking on that specific date(s). 

With Blocked Dates you can:

  • Define the Blocked Date Area - Branches and Service Code Zones
  • Define Services - Trades and Service Codes
  • Set Duration - How long will your Blocked Dates last? From X to Y Date
  • Create Blocked Date Label - descriptive label to delineate between buffers

Example Use Case: We will be closed on Christmas and need to block out all appointments.

How do you set up a Blocked Date?

Visit https://provider.scheduleengine.net/settings/operations/advanced-scheduling/blockers

Click Settings > Advanced Scheduling > Blocked Dates

Click Plus + symbol > Define Blocked Dates > Next

Define Services if applicable or Apply to all trades and service codes > Next

Set Duration for Blocked Dates > Start Date - End Date > Next

Create a Buffer Label to differentiate you out of service dates > Finish

There is no limit on the amount of Blocked Dates you can create. These can be viewed, edited, or deleted at any time in the Advanced Scheduling section of the dashboard.