The new dashboard homepage provides a snapshot of your most recent analytics across all of your Scheduling Pro services. Depending on which services you have, your homepage will appear differently, but it will always show a snapshot of your appointments and where your leads come from. 

These same metrics can also be found in the deeper analytics pages, but your homepage allows you a quick glance each time you login to the dashboard. For more information on how to read the leads funnels or other metrics on this page, please read the corresponding section below.

Scheduler Analytics

Within the Reports section of your dashboard, you’ll see a page titled Scheduler. This page contains an in depth view of how your scheduler is performing and where you might be able to optimize. 

  • Total appointments shows a breakdown of all of the appointments booked through the scheduler broken down by new or returning customers. 

  • Lead Capture Funnel shows how many customers made their way through the scheduler widget. Within each step you’ll see the total number of customers who advanced to that step and the drop off percentage from the previous step. Each step is described below:

    • Total sessions: The total number of sessions where someone at least opened the scheduler.

    • Active sessions: A session in which the customer clicked on at least one element of the scheduler after opening.

    • Customer Contact: A session in which the customer provided their contact information.

    • Booking Summary: A session in which the customer provided all booking information, but hadn’t yet completed booking.

    • Completed: A session in which the customer completed the booking.

(Note: The drop off between total sessions and active sessions is typically high as some visitors to your website will click on the scheduler just to see what it is. Significant drop off rates in other areas may mean that your scheduler flow can be optimized.)

  • Appointment Metrics allows you to see all of your scheduler appointments broken down by a number of different factors. It defaults to timeslot (AKA the appointment window your customer chooses when scheduling), but you can also view it by marketing campaign, lead source, and more.

  • Appointments By Time of Day shows what time of day customers are most often creating appointments in your scheduler. 

  • Scheduler Milestones shows all major sections of your scheduler in a more detailed view of your lead capture funnel. 

  • Booking Volume allows you to see how many appointments were created each day and can be broken down by trade.

  • Appointments by Trade shows all of your scheduler appointments by what trade and service type they were.

If you want even more detail on your Scheduler’s performance, you can access Reports / Analytics by clicking the bar graph icon on the left hand column of the Dashboard. You can also click Export Data at the top of the page. Exporting will provide you with a file in either CSV or XLSX format. 

The Scheduler export provides you with the raw data containing all of the information we know about every interaction that comes through your scheduler. If you want to run your own reports or measure trends that are not laid out in the metric pages, try a data export. Note: data exports are limited to the selected date range. 

Live Services Analytics

The Live Services Analytics section can be found just below your Scheduler analytics in the “Reports” tab of your dashboard. Clicking on Live Services will show three options with extensive analytics under each.

The top of every page contains both the date range selection and an Export Data button. Exporting data is limited to the date range selected but can be downloaded in either CSV or XLSX format. 

Each of the three Live Services pages has a different export that will show you different types of information. 

  • The Appointments and Leads export will show you dates, times, and types of appointments booked through both Voice and Chat.

  • The Interactions export shows you the widest range of information, including whether or not the interaction was billable and, if it was a voice interaction, how many billable minutes the call was. 

  • The Escalations export will show you every escalation sent, what plan, service, and zone it fell under and how it was actioned by your team.

Appointments & Leads

The Appointments and Leads section provides an in depth view of the sources of your leads, how they break down by channel, date, and booking type, as well as the conversion rate. 

  • Total Appointments shows the total number of appointments created through live services, divided by voice or chat. 

  • Total Escalations shows the number of escalations you’ve received and what percentage of your total appointments were escalations. 

  • Lead Conversion Funnel shows you the total count of bookable interactions, how many of those we captured the lead information on, and how many we were able to convert to a future appointment or same-day escalation. The steps in the funnel are defined as follows:

  • Total Interactions: All calls or chats

  • Bookable Interactions: Any call or chat where the customer was qualified for service (right zone, right trade/service, etc.) and showed some level of interest in needing an appointment. 

  • Bookable Leads: Bookable interactions where we were also able to capture the customer’s name, phone number and address.

  • Appointments: Any future appointment or same-day escalation.

(Note: Our conversion rates from bookable interaction to appointment or escalation typically sit around 65%. If your rate is lower than this, please reach out to our Support team to see if there’s anything that could be preventing our agents from booking such as not having enough information about your company.)

  • Appointments by Trade shows all of your Live Services appointments broken down by what trade they were and what service category they fell into.


In the Interactions page, you’ll be able to see general information about all of your calls and chats with us.

  • Total Interactions shows all of your calls and chats broken down by call or chat, regardless of what type of topic the customer contacted us about.

  • Call/Chat Experience shows total calls/chats, the average amount of time it took for agents to answer the call/chat, and what percentage of the interactions that came in we were able to respond to before the customer left.

  • Inquiry/Resolution allows you to see how our agents categorized all of your calls and chats. When you first view this chart, you’ll see a breakdown of all of your interactions into their Inquiry type. To see how they then breakdown further into Resolutions, click on any Inquiry on the left hand side of the chart. 


The Escalations tab will only show data if you use our same-day emergency escalation features. 

  • Escalation Summary shows you a snapshot of your escalation service and your own employees responsiveness. 

    • Total Escalations: is the number of escalations booked

    • Percent of Escalations Accepted: show how many of the escalations we sent through that your team accepted through the dashboard.

    • Typical Acceptance Time: is the number of minutes it took, on average, for your team to accept an escalation.

  • Escalations by Hour of Day shows what time of day our Live Voice or Chat agents created escalations.

  • Escalations by Service shows you the total count of escalations under each of the services you’ve set up. It can be filtered by your escalation zones.

    As always, SE Support is here to help. You may reach out to us via the feedback widget on your SE Dashboard, through the SE Help Center, by phone or email at support@scheduleengine.com.