The Schedule Engine Whiteboard is a tool that allows you to easily configure your capacity across different services and zones, right from the SE Dashboard. With Whiteboard, you have more control than ever to configure Schedule Engine as you see fit. 

NOTE: The SE Whiteboard is a capacity tool primarily for Schedule Engine users with no or limited integration capabilities. If you are using ServiceTitan ACP, SuccessWare TCM or our tech-sensitive capacity setup, the Whiteboard is not available as an option.

Accessing Whiteboard

Whiteboard can be enabled during your initial setup of Schedule Engine- if you are non-integrated or only using one-way integration, you may talk to your Onboarding Specialist to learn more. If you are already actively using Schedule Engine and are interested in Whiteboard, please reach out to your Success Manager or contact Support via your Dashboard or at

When enabled, the Whiteboard link appears in the navigation bar of the
 SE Dashboard, accessible by logging in at
 and clicking the Whiteboard icon that appears in the left-hand Navigation bar:

When this link is accessed, Whiteboard will open in a separate tab. From here, you can view or modify your capacity with the Whiteboard tool.

Using Whiteboard

Whiteboard allows you to manage your capacity on the fly using a number of different controls:

Groups: Create, edit or delete any number of groups which can house multiple boards. You can organize these by service area, trade, technician or any other method you prefer. You can rename or delete any groups by clicking on the “Actions” button, or add a new group using the “Add Group” button

Buffers, Blocked Dates and Availability Windows: Time slots that are currently affected by your Advanced Scheduling settings in the SE Dashboard will be blocked out, as these would be unavailable to your customers. Hovering your mouse over these slots will populate a tooltip message letting you know whether a buffer, blocked date, availability window, or some combination of those throttles is affecting the time slot.

Add a Whiteboard: You can add a new Whiteboard at any time by using the “Add a Whiteboard” option under “Actions”. There are several different elements you can configure to set up a whiteboard:

- Name: controls the name of the board as it appears on the Whiteboard page.
- Active days: choose which days of the week this service or services will be available.
- Time slot label: choose how the label appears in the scheduler for your customers. Leaving this label blank will simply display your start and end times to your customers.
- Start and End times: control when the slot starts and ends.

- Same capacity: choose the number of available appointment slots for every day of the week that this slot is available.

- Unique capacity: create specific capacity for this time slot based on the day of the week.

- Add a Time Slot: add more slots to the configuration for this whiteboard.

From here, you can set up your coverage using the “Location Coverage” and “Service Coverage” dropdowns. These will allow you to select the locations and types of services this whiteboard should apply to:

Other Features: 

  • Board controls- Each board can be edited, deleted or copied after creation using the icons beside the Whiteboard name:

  • Batch Update Capacity: This feature allows you to quickly add capacity up to a certain date, or remove all capacity beyond a certain date. This provides a quicker way to add capacity as an alternative to clicking the navigation arrow to “seed” capacity week to week, and provides a way to remove availability from your board.

  • Edit Capacity- Hovering over a time slot allows you to manually add or subtract appointment slots using the ‘+’ and ‘-’ buttons.

  • Availability History- Hovering over a time slot and clicking the history button in the top-right corner will provide you with a record of all edits to the slot.

  • Navigation and Seeding New Appointments: The left and right navigation arrows allow you to move between the current, previous and next seven days of configured capacity. A “Today” button lets you quickly return to the current date. When the arrow has a ‘+’ button as pictured below, it means that clicking it will seed new availability for the next seven days according to your setup rules. Note that Whiteboard will not automatically add capacity to future dates- you must do this yourself by using this feature! As such, it is important to frequently visit your Whiteboard to add capacity and adjust your settings as needed.

If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions regarding the SE Whiteboard, please reach out to us via the Help Center link in your SE Dashboard or by visiting