Who uses this feature

  • Scheduling Pro Live Voice customers

You can now select new options that allow you to customize your customers’ regular and emergency hold experiences. 

Topics covered

  • Things to know

  • Select Regular On-Hold Message options

  • Select Emergency On-hold Message options

Things to know

  • Emergency on-hold settings are only activated when Live Services hits its emergency threshold (5 minute average wait time for more than 60 minutes).

Select Regular On-Hold Message options

From the On-Hold Settings tab, you can select several options to customize your on-hold messages.

    Customize your welcome message

When your customers are first forwarded to Live Services from your phone lines, we provide a short welcome message that thanks them for calling, informs them they are being recorded, and asks them to hold when we connect them to an agent.

If you click Customize Message, you can edit this welcome message to say whatever you choose, except the part that alerts customers they are being recorded. 

Choose an estimated wait time

The Estimated Wait Time feature tells customers how long the wait time is expected to be. If you enable the setting, the message plays directly after the welcome message and before any of the options below.

Allow customers to book online

The Book Online option asks customers to press a button if they want to book online. While they’re still on the call, we text them a link to your online scheduler, so they can decide if they would prefer to continue waiting on the phone or hang up and continue online. 

To use the Book Online option, enable the setting on the dashboard and enter your booking URL.

Create custom playlist

You can create a completely customizable playlist of audio files for your customers to listen to while they wait, including music and talk tracks. Click Upload Audio File to select the files to include in your playlist.

Select Emergency On-hold Message options

Although we always aim to connect customers to an agent within 30 seconds, during severe weather events, there may be periods when all of our agents are busy. If our hold times ever reach an average of 5 minutes over the course of an hour, we will send out an alert and switch over to the Emergency On-Hold workflow for all clients until the wait times have decreased.

Emergency On-Hold options include all of the Regular On-Hold Message settings, plus a Voicemail option.

Allow customers to leave voicemail

The Voicemail option allows customers to leave voicemail messages for your business. Voicemails will be sent to your dashboard under the Calls and Chats section in a custom tab. You will also receive an email for each voicemail you receive.

You will get notifications in your dashboard to alert you of new voicemails and allow you to review them as needed.

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