The new Leads feature on your Schedule Engine Dashboard allows you to view partially-completed sessions from the scheduler where customers did not finish their booking experience. 

Track and Convert Scheduler Sessions into Jobs

The “Leads” page, found directly beneath your “Appointments” Page in the SE Dashboard, allows you to review a table of all sessions where your customers did not finish booking through the scheduler, but progressed far enough to provide contact information that you can use to follow up and book.

There are a few useful features on the “Leads” page to help you learn more about your customers’ experience in the scheduler:

  • Just like your “Appointments” and “Chats and Calls” pages, the records in this table can be clicked to view additional details about the lead. 

  • Your lead data can be exported to a spreadsheet using the “Export Data” button in the top right of your screen.

  • A “Reviewed” toggle allows you to keep track of Leads that you have already checked and/or followed up where appropriate.

  • Even if customers don’t make it all the way to the final confirmation page of the scheduler, we will display all partial sessions, as long as they’ve provided some contact info. In fact, if you start to see many Leads all missing data in a similar area, this can provide insight on how to optimize your scheduler. For example, if many Leads have empty “Date Selected” fields, it may be beneficial to offer more available appointment slots on your calendar to improve your conversion.

Any questions or feedback on the Leads feature? Please let us know by reaching out to the SE Support team at or through the “Help” button on your SE Dashboard. The team is exploring many enhancements to our ability to capture Leads for you, including notifications when Leads are captured and deeper integrations with your system to ensure work makes its way to your board.