What are they and why should I configure them?

If you don't have technician job assignment for your escalations, you will not need to configure your Schedule Engine contacts to the related technicians inside your FSM.

For those utilizing technician job assignment, this feature will ensure that Schedule Engine is able to 1:1 match the technician inside the Escalation section of your Schedule Engine Dashboard to the technician inside your FSM.

  • If you use nicknames for contacts in the Schedule Engine Dashboard that do not match your technicians' name insides your FSM, then Schedule Engine may not be able to match to the correct technician.
    • Name in FSM is John Clark
    • Name in Schedule Engine Dashboard is Johnny
  • You can link Escalation Contacts to their respective Technician in your FSM if you want jobs also to be assigned to that technician in your FSM.
  • If you want to create jobs in the Unassigned section of your FSM, you can select "Schedule Engine" from the drop-down menu in the related technician field in the Dashboard

Configuring the above will help ensure we assign the job to the right technicians when you have an escalation!

How do I configure Related Technician Assignments in my Schedule Engine Dashboard?

Step 1:

Navigate to the Schedule Engine Dashboard and click on 

Escalation Settings > Contacts

Step 2:

Click directly on one of the contacts to open the edit screen

Step 3:

Once in the Contact edit screen, click the Related Technician drop-down menu and select the matching technician.

This list will populate directly from your FSM.

Remember: You can select the "Schedule Engine" technician under the drop-down if you would like jobs assigned to that specific technician in the dashboard to be sent to the "Unassigned" section of your FSM

Step 4:

Click Save to add the Related Technician and you are all done!

If you ever need to remove the Related Technician, you can simply click the Remove Technician button

We recommend adding a Related Technician to all of your Contacts in the Dashboard.