What is a UTM Code?

Have you ever clicked on a link from an advertisement and noticed that when you were redirected to the companies website, the URL is very long with some extra characters? Chances are, you have visited a website with a UTM code in the URL and didn't even realize it! 

A UTM code is a snippet of code that can be added to the end of a URL to assist with tracking where your customer traffic came from. Simply put: 

"What brought this customer to my website?"

Why would I want to use UTM codes?

UTMs are a free and easy way to track where and why customers are coming to your website from, by adding UTM coding to specific URLs. Let's say you are running a marketing campaign where you are directing customers to visit your website to book a job. By adding a UTM code into the link you provide the customer, you can determine how many people booked jobs from that specific marketing effort!

Each parameter in a URL has a specific item it's tracking that's consumable by the Schedule Engine Dashboard reports.

The Link above has UTM Parameters encoded into the URL, but will still take you to Schedule Engines home page. You can do the same with links to your companies website or even with direct to scheduler linksThese can also be combined with ServiceTitan Campaigns!

Can I use these with ServiceTitan Campaigns? 

Yes you can! ST campaigns can be combined with UTM codes as long as both are encoded into the URL together. ST Campaigns will provide an extra level of granularity since it tracks revenue from the jobs generated inside of ServiceTitan. For more information on ST Campaigns, please visit here.

Want to learn more?

Read more about the benefits of using UTMs here on our Community Page.