The Appointments page of the SE Dashboard acts as a management hub for your jobs booked through Schedule Engine, allowing you to make updates, keep track of progress, view appointment history and ensure that the right technician is assigned for the job.

NOTE: This version of Appointments in the SE Dashboard is available for non-integrated versions of Schedule Engine (SE Standard) only.

Accessing Appointments

These features are available upon login to the SE Dashboard and are otherwise accessible through the “Appointments” page, which now contains a “Status” tab. By interacting with an appointment on the table, a user can perform the following actions:

  • Edit appointment date, time and status. Using the “Edit” button (pencil icon) in the top of the appointments pop-up, a user can edit the date and time of an appointment. They will receive a warning if they attempt to update to a past date, but will not be prevented from doing so. In addition, they may modify the Appointment status to: Scheduled, Pending, Unknown, In Transit, On Site, Hold, Canceled or Completed.

  • Edit the assigned technician. In the “Details” pane of the appointment pop-up, a user can assign/modify the assigned technician by searching the list of techs currently set up on the “Technician Management” page. 
  • View status update history on appointments. The “History” tab on the Appointments pop-up will display this data:

  • “Active” and “History” tabs. By default, navigating to Appointments will show the Active tab, accessible from the top right of the screen. The History tab will display appointments with “Canceled” or “Completed” statuses- and thus changing any appointments statuses to or from “Canceled” or “Completed” will move them to the History tab or vice versa.

If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions regarding the SE Whiteboard, please reach out to us via the Help Center link in your SE Dashboard or by visiting