Integrating Schedule Engine with Marketing Pro

Schedule Engines Online Scheduler helps customers create a contactless booking experience that can be applied to many different situations. Whether it be your website, branded content or a simple email link, the Scheduler makes it easy for your customers to book the service they need. ServiceTitan Marketing Pro opens up a new world of possibilities for the online scheduling tool and can help you supercharge the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. Deliver rich marketing campaigns that leverage real time data and give customers a simple way to instantly take advantage of your offers. 

Ensuring your link attributes jobs to your Marketing Pro campaign - Track Revenue!

Adding your booking link in Marketing Pro helps generate bookings and traffic to your website. While this is ideal, we need make sure we can give credit to our Marketing Pro campaign for driving that volume. Without proper attribution, we may be missing a large piece of the puzzle when it comes to understanding the success of our campaign. Follow the steps below to configure your link to attribute bookings to your Marketing pro campaign. 

  1. Identify the exact name of the campaign you’ll be adding your scheduling link to. In my case my exact campaign name is Fall Recurring Service Email Drip

    1. This can be seen at many points during your campaign creation process. Best place to find it will be on the top black bar or on Step 1 of the campaign creation flow. 

  1. Now that you have your campaign name, let’s configure it into your link. Below is the standard link layout:


    2. The campaign name needs to be added to the bolded section of the URL. 

      1. Please note that any spaces in your campaign name need to be represented with a “%20” in the URL.

  2. My final link will look like this:

  3. To verify that your link works, you can copy and paste it into your address bar to load your scheduler to ensure it takes you to the correct page. 

    1. To take it one step further, feel free to book a test job and verify that the correct campaign name was added on the booking. 

How to add scheduling links to a Marketing Pro campaign:

One best practice that we preach for every Marketing Pro user is to make it easy for customers to follow up or act. It can be as simple as adding a phone number to your email, however, in many cases we recommend using call-to-action buttons. Call-to-action buttons can be added to an email template to solicit actions such as initiating a call, text, email or redirecting to a webpage. In the case of the Schedule Engine Online Scheduler, we can easily take advantage of a call-to-action that redirects us to the embedded scheduler on your website. Let’s see how!

  1. Start by clicking the Marketing Pro icon on the top ribbon of ServiceTitan and then select Email Templates from the menu on the left side. 

  2. Once you’ve arrived at the Email Templates section, browse the templates and select Clone on the template of your choice.

    1. Templates are cloned to retain the original version of the template you selected. This allows you to customize our templates while still maintaining the original as a starting point for future use. 


  1. Once you’ve cloned the template, scan the content to identify the pre-existing call-to-actions on the template. In this case, there are two that I would like to add my booking link to. 

  1. Click on either call-to-action which will update the selections on your editing panel seen on the right hand side of the screen. The section we’re looking for will be under Actions and then Link Types.

  1. If your Link Type drop down does not read “Open web page”, select the carrot and navigate to that option. In the drop down, you will see the other call-to-action options which you should keep in mind for future use cases. 

  2. Now in the text field next to “URL”, add your online booking link which will be embedded behind your clickable button or text in the template. 

  1. Save your changes and test your link by sending yourself a test email. You can do so by selecting the Actions dropdown at the top of the your screen. From there select “Send Test” and add your email of your choice.