Things to know:

If you haven’t already, set up automatic payments to pay for your Schedule Engine services by adding a form of payment. This ensures your monthly payments are made on time, every time. For more on how to set up payments, see How do I update the payment method on file?

How do I view my invoices, payments, and transactions details?

  1. Submit a ticket to support here:

  2. Outline the dates of the invoices or payments you are looking for

  3. Billing will respond with 24 hours with the requested information

Live Voice & Chat Customers: How do I view my usage for the month?

Log-in to your Schedule Engine dashboard and go to the Analytics Tab. Click on "Billing" (please note this tab will only appear if you are a customer using the Live Voice or Live Chat products). If you do not see this area in your dashboard, please reach out to and ask to have it activated.