ServiceTitan will be sunsetting its V1 API and fully moving to its V2 API by soon to give you (as a resource owner of the data) more control over how you want to allow apps to access your resources. 

To keep your appointments flowing smoothly you will need to complete the necessary updates to connect Schedule Engine with ServiceTitan’s V2 API. 

To get started, you will need access to generate an API application key and manage API application access in ServiceTitan. By default, these permissions are assigned to the Admin role. If you wish to give other roles access to these permissions, go to the Role Permissions area of ServiceTitan and check the settings below. 

If you are able to see the API Application Access under Integrations in the Settings section of ServiceTitan you are ready to begin! 

We’ve created a short how-to video and outlined the three steps you need to complete to add Schedule Engine to the new V2 API. This process will take approximately 5 minutes to complete.

STEP 1: Add your ServiceTitan Tenant ID to Schedule Engine. 

Don’t know how to log into your Schedule Engine Dashboard? Submit a support ticket or email to reset your credentials

  • Go to Settings (the gear icon in the menu located on the left-hand side of your screen) >  Integrations > FMS Configuration and enter your ServiceTitan Tenant ID. 

  • Your ServiceTitan Tenant ID can be found by logging in to your ServiceTitan dashboard and clicking on Settings (gear icon located in the upper right-hand corner of your dashboard ) > Integrations > Manage API Application Access.  Your Tenant ID is a number located in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.  

  • Copy your ServiceTitan Tenant ID and paste it into Step 1 of your Schedule Engine FMS Configuration screen. 

    • If you’ve been using Schedule Engine with ServiceTitan’s V1 API, your Tenant ID may appear here automatically, but you will want to confirm in ServiceTitan that it is correct.  

  • Click “Add to ServiceTitan”. This will connect your Schedule Engine App to ServiceTitan.  

STEP 2: Connect the Schedule Engine App to ServiceTitan. 

  • Go back to ServiceTitan’s Manage API Application Access screen and click “Connect New App”.

  • Select “Schedule Engine” and click “Connect”.

    • You will see a confirmation screen of what information Schedule Engine will read and write to ServiceTitan. Click “Allow Access”. 

STEP 3: Copy/Paste your ServiceTitan Client ID into Schedule Engine. 

  • After you allow access, under the Application Details, you will find your Client ID. 

  • Copy and paste your Client ID from ServiceTitan into Step 3 of your Schedule Engine Dashboard FSM Configuration process.


STEP 4: Copy/Paste your ServiceTitan Client Secret to Schedule Engine. 

  • In your ServiceTitan Application Details, you will also see the option to generate a Client Secret

    • Warning! Please Note: Once a client secret is generated, it’s only visible once to ensure the security of your data. Be sure you are ready to copy it and paste the secret into Schedule Engine. If you are ready, click “Yes, Continue”. 

    • If you have multiple Schedulers (same ServiceTitan instance) please save your Tenant ID, Client ID, and Secret to replicate this process each time

  • Copy and paste your Client Secret from ServiceTitan into Step 3 of your Schedule Engine Dashboard FSM Configuration process.

  • Click “Connect to ServiceTitan”. 

You will see a confirmation message that you are now connected to ServiceTitan. Your work is now complete!

If there are any issues, please submit a support ticket or reach out to us at for further assistance with your ServiceTitan configuration.