You can encode various parameters to pass through different data points into various areas for lead attribution. We can insert a Service Titan campaign for revenue generation reporting in ST.   

We must make a configuration update on our side so inform us at before using ST campaigns.

URL String Method

Use this method when you want to add the campaign to a specific URL. Note that this will only work if the campaign name in ServiceTitan does not have any spaces, so campaign names may need to be adjusted accordingly:


Campaign with out spaces

Note that spaces in ServiceTitan campaign names will need to be replaced with %20 in the URL. You can also edit the Campaign Name in Service Titan. Dashes (-) will be read properly, so they can be used as an alternative.

For this example, the ST Campaign name contained spaces. 

Campaign name: mailer promotion april which would translate to:

Campaign with spaces

You can insert an ST campaign into the direct link url so that it autoloads the scheduler and the ST campaign is included in the job.


Here are all of the auto-open direct link parameters with coding for ST campaigns:

Opening Screen





We also have the ability to encode the campaign into the web script if Landing Pages are being used.

Method Parameters

These parameters can be passed into the Schedule Engine booking .show() method or into the

Schedule Engine webchat .loadChat() or .open() methods.

<button onclick="{

campaign: 'Your_Campaign_Name'

})">Book Now</button>

Note: setting tracking values using the .show() method will override the values passed through the URL.

Direct Link Method

Use this method to create a direct link on an outside site (Facebook, Yelp, etc.) that immediately launches the widget and inserts the specified campaign. The same rules apply here, as the campaign name in ServiceTitan cannot have any spaces in order to function properly:

Button Method 

Use this method when you want to track a specific ServiceTitan campaign using a clickable button on the company website. Enter the Service Titan campaign name in the button script for the web page:


<button class="se-widget-button" onclick="{

           campaign: 'promotion' 

            })" />

Modifying Campaigns in ServiceTitan

To verify campaign names in ServiceTitan or make any necessary changes, use the following steps:


1. Log in to your ServiceTitan account.

2. Navigate to the Marketing tab at the top of your account landing page, and then select "Campaigns" from the Dashboard on the left pane.

3. From here, you can view and select each of your created ServiceTitan campaigns and confirm/modify names as necessary.

4. Keep in mind if you utilize spaces in your campaign name, you will need to add a %20 to denote a space. For ease of use we recommend creating ST campaign names with out spaces or using dashes, ie: mailerpromotionapril OR mailer-promotion-april

Full Image Here: 

ServiceTitan Campaign Tracking - Picture