NOTE: This service area page is for the online scheduler and normally-scheduled appointments booked through our chat and voice services. For more information on configuring your service area for on-demand or emergency appointments escalated to your team, please click here.

The Service Area page of the Schedule Engine Dashboard can be used to configure the zip or postal codes where your customers are able to book online.

The Service Area section of your Dashboard can be found by 
logging in
 and navigating to Settings, clicking the Operations dropdown, and clicking Service Area. On this page, a number of different features will help you view your current service area and make any necessary changes. 

Your zip or postal codes may be organized by service zone. Multiple service zones are set up during your onboarding by the Schedule Engine team if you offer a different range of services depending on where your customer is located. If this is not the case, your zip or postal codes will typically be organized into just one service zone. If you have any questions on your current service zone setup and/or need to make changes, please reach out to Schedule Engine Support by submitting a ticket from your Dashboard “Help” button or by emailing

From the map view, you are able to zoom in to your current service area on the map, with boundaries drawn by zip or postal code.Your current service area will be reflected on this map by the darkened areas and the list of codes below the map. If you would like to add new zip or postal codes to your service area, you can click an unused region on the map to get its code and then copy and paste into the entry box below the map and hit “Add” (the plus button).

You may also add multiple zip or postal codes at once by entering them into the box separated by commas. Once you hit the “Add” button, you will see the new zip or postal codes added to the map and the list.

NOTE: For Canadian postal codes, only the first three digits of the code (M4C or M3H, for example) should be entered.

Zip or postal codes may be removed by clicking the “x” button next to the code on the list.

Your list of zip or postal codes can be exported by selecting the “Export Service Area List” button at the top of the page. You can download this file to your computer in Excel spreadsheet (.xlsx) or comma-separated value (.csv) formats.

If you are still having trouble, check out our video tutorial below!