In addition to updating the way we classify these interactions, we have added a new intuitive Email Subject Line based on the type of Inquiry and Resolution of the interaction. This makes filtering on your end easier than ever!

The updated email subject line will contain:

  • A topic category that is related to the inquiry/resolution chosen by the agent but offers a simpler option for filtering
  • The word "Urgent" if the agent or customer believes the request to be urgent
  • The phrase "Customer Follow Up Requested" if the agent or customer believes that follow up is needed
  • The name "Schedule Engine" so that you can always recognize the source of the email

Example Email Subject Strings

Cancellation – URGENT – Customer Follow Up Requested – Schedule Engine

General Inquiry  - Schedule Engine

Non-bookable – URGENT - Schedule Engine

Whenever Schedule Engine handles a Live Voice interaction, we will automatically send you an email summary using some of the classifications below:

  • Cancellation: All "Appointment" inquiries with "Cancellation" selected as  the resolution.
  • Reschedule: All "Appointment" inquiries with "Reschedule" selected as  the resolution.
  • New Lead: All "Appointment" inquiries with either "Bookable Lead" or "No Availability" selected as  the resolution.
  • Non-Bookable: All "Appointment" inquiries with "No Service" selected as  the resolution.
  • General Inquiry: All "Inquiry" inquiry types with any resolution selected (e.g., memberships, financing, etc.)
  • Other: All "Other" inquires with any resolution selected (e.g., Abandoned, test, etc.)
  • Booking: All interactions with a booking attached
  • Escalation: All interactions with an emergency escalation attached (with or without the on-demand job, as per your settings)

For more information about how the inquiry and resolutions are selected for each interaction, please view the article below:

Resolution Types, Explanations, and Transcript Examples

You can set up Filters and Auto-Forwarding to help manage where emails from Schedule Engine land on your end. Below are some help articles from the most common email providers:

You can now add, remove, and edit the list of Admin Emails from your new SE Dashboard by clicking:

Settings>Company & Contact and then adjusting Scheduler and Booking Notifications OR Live Services Notifications.

If you are still running into issues adding a user, please reach out to support:

*These notifications cannot be turned off. We can only change which users receive them