Instead of giving your customers links to your website, you can now use "Direct to Scheduler Links". These custom URLs will take the customer directly into different parts of your booking flow in the Scheduler on your website. 

  1. Add your websites full URL to the "Direct Link" listed below with no spaces
  2. Test link in web browser - it should open directly into part of the scheduler listed

Section of Scheduler Flow
Direct Link
Open to Main Menu / Truck Image?se_action=eyJ0eXBlIjoic2Utc2hvdy1tb2RhbCJ9
Open to Preventative Maintenance
Open to Sales / Quote
Open to Repair?se_action=eyJ0eXBlIjoic2Utc2hvdy1tb2RhbC1yZXBhaXIiLCJvcHRpb25zIjp7InJvb21LZXkiOiJnZW5lcmFsIn19

Example of finished product:

Original website link (demo client):

Open to Preventative Maintenance:

Read more about the benefits of using direct to scheduler links here.