Our integration works a little differently when we communicate with ServiceTitan using ACP vs Standard V2 integration. So what's all this mean for me?

  • All availability is controlled on your end instead of on Schedule Engines side
  • Schedule Engine obtains availability to display to your customers through Business Units
  • Capacity will be managed in ServiceTitan through ACP. SE will rely on your Business Units
  • Unfortunately, we are unable to assist in ACP configuration and you will need to reach out to your ServiceTitan CSM / Support

With all this being said, most availability issues will be directly related to the ACP configuration in ServiceTitan. Meaning you can always manage your capacity on the fly with out needing to file a ticket to Schedule Engine!

If you've added, removed, or updated naming conventions of Business Units, this can cause our system to have issues integrating.

If you're still having Availability Issues, please File a Ticket and we will be in contact soon!